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I see no more than you, but I have trained myself to notice what I see.

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To my followers





If you EVER need me to take a post down of yours for ANY reason, just say the word.

Even if it’s months later.

Even if you told me, “PLEASE POST THIS YAYYYY!”

If shit changes and you need it removed, consider it done.

And if you ever feel unsafe and need to go on a tumblr-wide hunt to delete pictures of yourself, I will gladly pull up my sleeves and help.

Do not be afraid to ask. No, you are not being silly.  Yes, you deserve to feel safe.

Just let me know.

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Seconded to the highest degree.

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Did anyone else think of Carl Powers from Sherlock?


Did anyone else think of Carl Powers from Sherlock?

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The only true freedom


The only true freedom

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Hi! I just started a tumblr, the Transgender Couchsurfing Network.  After seeing dozens of posts come across my dash about displaced or homeless trans people needing places to crash, I decided that there had to be a way to organize these posts somehow, and to put those in need in contact with those willing to lend a hand.  If you’re trans and need a place to stay, or if you have a couch or floor or spare bedroom available for someone in need, I urge you to reblog this post, follow the blog, and get the word out.  Everything is still under heavy construction, but the more people that see and hear about this blog, the more people will be able to benefit from it!  I know that there are so many people here on tumblr who are in need of a place to stay for a night or two, and I also know how many amazing, wonderful people would be willing to host someone and help out a trans person in need.  We all know what a huge problem unemployment and homelessness are for trans people (especially TPOC and trans women) — even a place to stay for a night can make the biggest difference!  So PLEASE, even if you can’t offer up your couch, REBLOG AND SIGNAL BOOST.  I really, really think that this is something that could help a lot of people, and I would LOVE to see this spammed all over my dash and the dashes of all of my lovely followers!!

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Dear me, Mr. Holmes. Dear me.