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Anonymous said: In the ASiB commentary, it is said that "above the bed are the rules of (batsu?), the Japanese martial art, which actually got Sherlock out of the Reichenbach Fall."

Baritsu, as whoever rightfully said, is a form of mixed martial art which Holmes used in the The Final Problem when facing Morarty at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.  It manipulates a lot of balance play, using the opponent’s momentum and body weight against them (very Sherlock); in this case, it allowed Holmes to send Moriarty over the cliffs.

But, according to another Tumblr-r who apparently reads/writes Japanese, the paper above his bed is actually a Judo black belt certificate with Sherlock’s name on it.  So, I have a feeling that whoever said that it was the rules of baritsu in the commentary just misunderstood what the set designers said, as it’s obviously an intentional allusion to Holmes’s skills in baritsu.  I think it would be very easy for something like that to be lost in conversation.

This doesn’t have any relevancy to the plot of The Reichenbach Fall as Gatiss, Moffat, and Thompson wrote it, but it is a brilliant bit of set design. 

  • 21 January 2012
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